3 Reasons Why Fixed Electricity Supply Rates are Better Than Variable

Consumer advocates and officials in many states have expressed concern with electricity supply companies who offer variable rate plans.   Several New England states are going so far as to discuss how to further regulate and make variable rate plans more transparent for consumers.

At Provider Power we don’t believe that variable rate plans are in the best interest of the consumers.  Not only can they be detrimental to our pocketbooks, but the “unknown” that comes with variable rate plans can be tough on the nerves.  Imagine not having any idea how much your power bill will be?  Not a good feeling.

Here are the benefits of a fixed rate plan:.

*Protection from fluctuations in the market. No worries about electricity rate spikes.

*Security and Budgeting.  If you know who much power you use, you can easily predict how much your bill will be.

*Power in Your Hands. Longer term fixed rates mean you don’t have to worry about what your utility will offer for default/standard rate.  Will utilities changing their supply rates every 6-12 months, what you pay is out of your hands.  With fixed contracts the power is in your hands.