The Best Electricity Supplier in New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s Best Electricity Supplier, ENH Power, offers the best electricity rates in the state. As a nationally-recognized retail electricity provider serving New Hampshire with traditional and green energy solutions, we strive to provide reliable, low-cost electricity, exceptional customer service, and community support. With our commitment to delivering the best electricity rates, we have garnered the trust and satisfaction of hundreds of thousands of energy customers. Experience a better customer experience and savings on your energy bills with ENH Power.

Why do we do it? Because we are committed to being the best electricity provider in the country. In New Hampshire, that means:

  1. Ensuring the students of Dartmouth College have adequate light and heat for studying

  2. Giving the New Hampshire Wildcats the opportunity to play under the lights

  3. Allowing the New Hampshire primary to start every United States election cycle

  4. Promising that the Granite State will continue to have power

Choose Your Own New Hampshire Electric Company

Did you know that in New Hampshire, residents and businesses have the power to choose their electricity supplier?

Your local electricity company, such as Eversource or Unitil, is the utility – they own the light poles, wires and other infrastructure that gets the power to your home or business. But you can choose a different New Hampshire electricity company, such as ENH Power, to supply that power to the utility.

When you switch to ENH Power, your electric utility will remain responsible for delivering the electricity to your home or place of business, and they will still be the point of contact in the event of an outage. You’ll continue to receive a bill from your utility, but ENH Power will appear as a line item on your bill.

That’s it – that’s the only real difference. Your electric utility will remain obligated to get the electricity to your home or business, but because we’re acting as the electricity supplier, you could pay a cheaper rate for electricity.

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New Hampshire’s Best Electricity Provider

Due to energy deregulation, New Hampshire residents and businesses now have more options in selecting an energy provider. So why choose ENH Power as your electricity supplier?

  1. Affordable electricity supplier – ENH Power offers some of the lowest electricity prices on the market. We regularly beat the prices of competing electricity retailers.

  2. Green energy – In New Hampshire, ENH Power offers 100% renewable electricity.

  3. First-class customer service – Other New Hampshire electricity companies outsource their call centers. At ENH Power, we’ve chosen to invest substantial effort and resources into developing an exceptional customer service team.  We understand the importance of addressing any questions or concerns our customers have about our electricity service promptly and efficiently. As the best New Hampshire electric company, ENH Power is your trusted provider for the highest level of customer satisfaction.

ENH power is a reputable electricity supplier among New Hampshire electric companies and offers a winning combination of low electricity rates and exceptional service. When it comes to reliability and trust, ENH Power is the provider you can depend on. Whether you are a residential customer or a New Hampshire business, we understand the importance of tailored solutions.

Thats why ENH Power specializes in offering custom commercial electricity plans to perfectly match your unique situation. With ENH Power, New Hampshire businesses can enjoy the benefits of flexible and competitive pricing, empowering them to manage their energy costs effectively.

Trust ENH Power and Provider Power as your preferred New Hampshire electricity supplier and experience the difference we can make for your energy needs.

Affordable Electricity Supplier in New Hampshire

For New Hampshire businesses, Provider Power offers custom commercial electricity plans to fit your unique situation. 

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