Statement on PSNH Rate Increase

“For several months Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH) has suggested they would be able to keep their supply rate below 10 cents per kilowatt hour.  As it turns out, they requested a rate higher than that at 10.56, lower than other New England utility rates this winter but higher than they anticipated.

PSNH burns coal as an energy source.   Many other utilities rely on natural gas for the production of electricity.  Due to supply concerns, many of these utilities have had to raise their supply costs.

Due to high levels of pollution, contributing to air quality concerns, and maintenance costs, coal-powered plants across the U.S. have been closing.

At ENH Power we join with consumers in New Hampshire who have regularly expressed concern about the environmental impact of PSNH’s coal fired plants.  This coupled with PSNH’s history of price swings has caused many to proactively review their options.

The uncertainty of the energy market place and fluctuating energy costs are of great concern to New Hampshire residential customers and business owners.   Fixed, long term competitive rates and a break from the uncertainty of PSNH’s control of their rates is what consumers are looking for.  In addition, New Hampshire customers are keenly aware of where PSNH sources their power, many Granite Stater’s prefer cleaner sources of power.

ENH Power continues to grow through honest business practices, offering easy to understand terms, fixed rates, and a true commitment to community by partnering with non-profit groups across the state.”

-Candace Sanborn-Vice President of Marketing 12/16/2014