Things you should know:

  1. Always understand your plan and the renewal options offered. Electricity Maine delivers transparency and customer focused support with our dedicated Customer Care Team.
  2. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Throughout your contract term and beyond you’ll continue to receive customer support, responsive communication and resources for better planning.

How do Electricity Maine contracts work?

  • New contracts are generally fixed. Always read the terms & conditions of your contract to ensure understanding. We are here to offer any clarity as needed. Approaching the end of your initial fixed contract term you’ll be sent an expiration/renewal notice that will highlight when your contract expires, auto-renewal terms, renewal options at-large and what EM may offer to suit your specific household energy needs.

How do I find my contract expiration date?

  • First, review your energy contract fully to locate the expiration/term details.
  • We know life happens! If you can no longer locate it, call or email the Care Team. An associate will use your account identifiers to locate your contract details and answer your questions.
  • As we are required by state regulation to send notices, you can expect 2 notices to inform you of your contract expiration date and renewal options, 30-60 days before contract end date. Please confirm the information our team has on file is correct to ensure prompt delivery of important notices and updates.
  • Ultimately, when in doubt contact our Customer Care Team to ensure full understanding of the contract term and plan benefits.

How do I see what rates are available?

  • If you are interested in exploring available rates, please contact the Customer Care Team and learn what options may be available to you.
  • If you are a new customer, please visit the Find a rate page and enter your zip code to view plans available in your service area. Select plans may only be available to new customers. Enrolled customers should review your current term details and options available at renewal with a Customer Care representative.

Call Customer Care: 1-866-573-2674
Email Customer Care: