About my bill

What changes can I expect to see on my electricity bill?

You will still receive ONE bill from CMP or Emera Maine. The only difference will be that “Electricity Maine” will show up in place of “Standard Offer Service” on the supply section of your bill. In the case that your account becomes delinquent, you may be contacted directly by Electricity Maine to discuss payment options.

How long before I see Electricity Maine on by electricity bill?

After completing your enrollment with Electricity Maine, service commencement may vary depending on your utility’s enrollment requirements and your specific meter reading schedule. The good news is because you pay for your power after it has been used, you will be experiencing our competitive rate even before you see “Electricity Maine” on your bill.

If I am on a plan with CMP or Emera Maine, such as a budget plan, payment plan, energy efficient plan, or HEAP, can I still sign up with Electricity Maine?

Yes. If you have one of these arrangements with CMP or Emera Maine, you may still enroll with Electricity Maine and it will not interfere with this arrangement. Please contact us at 1-866-573-2674 for more information and to enroll.

Why do I have two charges on my electricity bill?

One is for “Electricity Delivery” and the other is for “Electricity Supply”. These two charges make up the total due on your bill. CMP and Emera Maine are responsible for the Delivery charges on your bill. Delivery charges cover the cost of maintaining lines and meters, responding to outages and overseeing your account. The Supply charges are the cost of acquiring the actual electricity flowing into your home.

Do I have to sign any type of contract?

Yes, you do need to accept our Terms of Service. If you are enrolling online you will be asked to check a box that states you agree to these terms. If you are enrolling by telephone the customer service representative will answer any questions you may have before you enroll and agree to our terms. We recommend that all customers who wish to enroll with Electricity Maine read our Terms of Service prior to enrolling.

What happens if I move?

If you move you will communicate your account change to CMP or Emera Maine and please request a “Seamless Move”. This will ensure you continue with Electricity Maine as your supplier at your new location. In this case, no further action is required by you.

If you are unable to request the “Seamless Move” you will need to contact Electricity Maine to re-enroll your new active account.

Please contact Electricity Maine if you should experience any difficulties with this and we will be happy to help you work this out with the utility (CMP/Emera Maine).

About my service

Will I leave CMP or Emera Maine if I sign up with Electricity Maine?

No. When you choose Electricity Maine as your electricity supplier, you will remain a customer of CMP or Emera Maine. We work directly with your utility – we supply the electricity, they deliver it to your home or business.

Who do I call if my power goes out?

You continue to call CMP or Emera Maine if your power goes out or you have any other service issues.

For CMP: 1-800-696-1000
For Emera Maine: 1-800-440-1111

Where does the electricity come from?

Electricity generators such as wind, hydro and biomass plants provide electricity to the New England Power Pool (NEPOOL). Electricity Maine purchases electricity through the NEPOOL.

How will I know if you change your rate?

Electricity Maine will send out a notification to customers 30-60 days in advance of any rate changes. This will be provided as required by the Maine Public Utilities Commission. Additionally, this information will be posted on our website per the Terms of Service.

What is the Winter Reliability Fee?

It is a new tariff that ISO-New England (your electricity grid operator) charges competitive and utility electricity suppliers during the winter to ensure that our grid has enough power during peak demand times when the grid must seek alternative generation sources for electricity besides natural gas. While other retailers may pass this charge through to their customers, it is always included in our electricity supply rates.

If I generate my own electricity with solar panels, wind mills, etc. , can I still be an Electricity Maine customer?

If your account is subject to Net Metering, it requires an additional contract to be signed with Electricity Maine to cover specific arrangement for payment for power purchased in excess of historical account usages at time of enrollment.

In addition to these terms, an ACH agreement for automatic drafting of these amounts will be required. This additional agreement must be signed prior to enrollment of your account.

Failure to sign this agreement may result in your account’s immediate return to Standard Offer. Please call Electricity Maine at 866-573-2674 to discuss these arrangements.

What if I want to be more green in the choice of my electricity?

Our products always meet or exceed Maine’s Renewable Portfolios Standard (RPS). Please view our current Disclosure Label with our projected power source mix. We will continue to strive for innovative solutions to offer our customers ways to make a positive impact on our environment.