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  • Seasonal price protection
  • no interruption in service
  • no sign up fees

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    Why Electricity Maine?

    They don’t call us New England’s Most Trusted Electricity Supplier for nothing. As part of Provider Power, we at Electricity Maine have been purchasing power through the New England Power Pool.

    Our mission is to educate consumers that their energy choices matter.

    How It Works

    Delivery = Utility

    Your utility owns and maintains the power lines that deliver your electricity. They charge you a fee to deliver power across their lines and also manage the billing for all of your electric services.

    Supply = Choice

    The electricity itself is generated and supplied by third-parties. Your Public Utilities Commission chooses a default supplier called the Basic Service or Standard Offer, but thanks to deregulation you can choose your own supplier.

    Enroll = Easy!

    Just like how you’ll receive one bill from your utility. The supply line on your bill will change from Basic Service/Standard Offer to Electricity Maine, and that’s it. There is no interruption of service, ever!

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    What’s in it for me?



    Electricity Maine got its start right here in New England and continues to give our customers local business.

    No Sign Up Fees

    Signing up with Electricity Maine is free (and super easy). Now you can use that money on something else, like those singing lessons you’ve been wanting.

    No Interruptions

    Deregulation only affects the supply of the energy, so you can relax and not worry about your service.

    Seasonal Price Protection

    Get seasonal price protection for a full 6, 12, or 24 months. You pick the plan term you want.

    Your Choice

    With deregulation and Electricity Maine you have the freedom to choose your plans.


    And What it means for you

    What is Deregulation?

    Energy deregulation is similar to the telephone industry that took place in the 1980’s. You still have only one set of telephone poles and wires on your street, which is maintained by the telephone utility, but you can choose to sign up with whichever service provider offers the plan that suits you best.

    How does this affect you?

    With deregulation you can:

    • Reduce your monthly bill. Competition drives down prices.
    • Opt for greener energy. Save the world.
    • Avoid service interruptions. Deregulation only affects the supply of energy, not its distribution or delivery channels.
    • Enjoy better customer service. Energy companies compete to offer the best customer service.
    • Take advantage of suppliers’ discount and loyalty programs.

    Who offers deregulation?

    Electricity deregulation is available in 17 states across the United States including: Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia, and Washington DC.

    What this means for you is no more delayed moving plans, no more feeling guilty about not going green and most importantly, no more being told what to do. With deregulation and Electricity Maine, you are in control of your power.

    Get started with electricity maine today.

    Check out our low rates and great plans in your area.


    Ask Us Anything

    We know you have questions and we want to answer them, look below for our most frequently asked questions. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us here.

    Do I also have to call my utility company?

    No. We handle everything for you. You’ll get a letter in the mail from your utility confirming your switch. We’ll also send a confirmation letter with all the plan details.

    Will I have to pay two separate bills?

    No! You will still get your bill from the utility company each month – we’ll just be a line item on that bill.

    Is it really this easy to switch electricity companies?

    Yep! Just choose a plan that fits you on Electricity Maine site or call 866-573-2674. Your utility company stays the same and continues to deliver electricity to you. You won’t see any interruption in service. There is no cost to enroll. Signing up is free and easy.

    What if I change my mind?

    No Worries. You can choose another plan or switch back for free if you let us know within 30 days.

    What happens if my power goes out?

    Just call your utility as you normally would. They are still responsible for making sure that your home and neighborhood are taken care of in outages and emergencies.

    Now What?

    Sign Up

    Complete your enrollment today online and then…


    Now you just wait for the confirmation letters to arrive from the utility and from us with details of the switch and expected start date. Terms of the agreement will be included with our letter. Remember if you change your mind, no worries! Just give us a call within 30 days and you can switch back to the utility without penalty.

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    We Love New England

    image of lightbulb hanging in heart shape


    We love our state and we do all that we can to support our community. While providing competitive electricity supply rates is our business, it is also the vehicle that allows us to support our community, which we consider an integral part of our existence. We understand that healthy communities are built through a strong interconnectedness between business and community organizations, and that we have a responsibility to the communities we serve.


    We demonstrate this responsibility through our Power to Help Fund, partnering with 501c (3) non-profits and local groups that have a positive impact in their communities. This support includes financial contributions, and in some cases, lending technical and business expertise, providing employee volunteers, and creating publicity for their work.


    Provider Power seeks to do well by ensuring that everyone wins by…

    • Providing residents with the electricity they need at competitive rates
    • Creating a profitable business that helps the economy by employing and purchasing goods and services from local communities
    • Supporting local organizations that provide important community services.

    We’re proud to support a wide variety of local non-profits that help build our communities.

    -- Our Partners --