We are One Community.

New Hampshire is one big small town, with just 1.3 million people and just over 9,000 square miles. As a result, Granite Stater’s understand the importance of working together to support each other.

Power with a Purpose - The Power to Help

Power with a Purpose…the Power to Help

As a New England company, ENH Power shares in the responsibility to build community. That’s why we created the Power to Help Fund. Our Power to Help Fund helps local organizations do what they do best…help people.

How it Works

Our Power to Help Fund includes our Community Partner program which supports local community organizations through electricity supply.

If you are connected with a non-profit and would like to learn how your organization can become one of our non-profit partners, visit the Contact Us page of our website and contact the Community Outreach Coordinator for your area.

Community Partners

Community Partners are any local group that needs to raise money for a cause:

  • School departments that need new equipment
  • Towns that need to build their general fund
  • Church building committees that need money for repairs
  • Animal welfare agencies that need more food for the animals they care for…and so many more.

ENH Power provides groups with all the tools they need to promote their partnership with us so they can maximize their fundraising opportunity.