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New England’s Most Trusted Electricity Supplier

Co-Founders Kevin Dean & Emile Clavet

ENH Power is a New England owned, Maine-based Competitive Electricity Supply company, licensed to sell electricity directly to homes and businesses in New Hampshire that are served by Eversource (formerly PSNH), Liberty Utilities, Unitil and New Hampshire Electric Co-Op (NHEC) utilities. We are part of the Provider Power family of companies which includes:

Provider Power Mass Electricity Maine ENH Powere

As part of Provider Power we have SAVED RESIDENTS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS while also doing business locally, purchasing power through the New England Power Pool, and supporting nearly 40 New Hampshire non-profits through the Power to Help Fund.

Our mission is to educate consumers that their energy choices matter.

Co-Founders, Kevin Dean & Emile Clavet

How It Works

ENH Power is a Competitive ELECTRICITY Supplier


Your utility owns and maintains the power lines that deliver your electricity. They charge you a fee to deliver power across their lines and also manage the billing for all of your electric services.


The electricity itself is generated and supplied by third-parties. The New Hampshire PUC chooses a default supplier called Basic Service, but thanks to deregulation you can choose your own supplier.


Just like now you’ll receive one bill from your utility. The supply line on your bill will change from Basic Service to ENH Power, and that’s it. There is no interruption of service, ever!

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#1 in Energy In 2014, Inc. Magazine ranked us among the fastest growing companies in the country

How We’re Different

Fixed Long Term Plans

Locking in your electricity rate is a lot like locking in your home heating oil price for the year.

The energy industry is volatile, wholesale energy rates can fluctuate. Our experts forecast demand and we set fixed prices that protect our customers from drastic price changes.

No Variable Rates

Our terms are designed to protect customers, not milk them for money.

We never offer artificially low introductory rates to lure in customers, then change them to high variable rates after a short introductory term. We believe that protecting our customers is the best strategy for success.

New England Owned

New England Owned

We’re a New England company creating local jobs with good wages and benefits.

In addition to donating thousands of dollars to approximately 40 New Hampshire non-profit organizations, our Power to Help program gives residents monthly energy savings tips to help them save money.

No Solicitations

No Solicitations

Just like you, we don’t like it when people call our house or knock on our door trying to sell us something.

ENH Power does not engage in door-to-door or telephone solicitation. Some Competitive Electricity Suppliers do use these methods however, resulting in a variety of consumer complaints about false energy saving offers. If you or someone you know have concerns, we encourage you to report it to the Office of the Consumer Advocate.

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The Power to Help

Electricity is what we sell Communities are what we help to build

At powertohelp.com we highlight the people who are looking to enact change (business and non profit leaders), and explore the notion that energy is at the heart of everything we do. Visit powertohelp.com and sign up to receive great content right to your email.

Our Non-Profit Partners

As a New England owned company, ENH Power shares in the responsibility to build community.

In addition to financial support, ENH Power also provides other resources to help non-profits be successful, including technical expertise in areas such as marketing and IT, as well as volunteers for a variety of activities.

Click on the box below that represents your geographic area to select a non-profit partner to support!

New Hampshire Union Leader, March 19, 2015

ENH Power offers only fixed price energy products to its customers. A few weeks before the end date of the contract, ENH communicates to its customers that the contract will be ending and offers a new fixed price, fixed term contract. The communication tells the customer what the price is and what to do if they want or don’t want to continue with ENH.

— Amanda Noonan, director of consumer affairs at the N.H.PUC —

Recent News

    Thank you ENH Power for supporting the NH Foodbank. I love supporting a New England company who is also interested in supporting non profit and community groups.

    — Rob, Salem NH —


    When you enroll with ENH Power, your rate is good for a fixed period of time and will not vary from month to month.

    Because New Hampshire began deregulating its energy market in 2001, the industry became open to competition and allowed companies like ENH Power to buy electricity in the wholesale markets. ENH Power competes by offering a lower rate on the supply portion of your bill.

    No.  Rest assured that the switch is seamless and you will continue to receive the same reliable service from your current utility.  They will continue to deliver your electricity and restore power during outages as usual.

    Yes, if you are a residential (Rate R) or small commercial (Rate G) customer, you are eligible for our program.  Please call us at 1-800-549-6160 if you would like some assistance in determining what your current rate is.If you are a medium (Rate GV) or large (Rate LG) general service customer, we do not have a program available for you at this time.  If you would like to go to our Rate Plans page and choose Medium Business, you will be taken to a form for your contact information.  You will be contacted by email when a program becomes available.

    You will continue to contact your current utility for power outages or service issues.For Eversource (formerly PSNH): 1-800-662-7764 or visit their website at www.eversource.com, Unitil, Liberty, NHEC

    Please call your utility and let them know that you would like to remain an ENH Power customer at your new location. If for some reason we are not on your bill after you move, please call us to re-enroll at (800) 549-6160 or email us at customerservice@enhpower.com.

    No.  When you choose ENH Power to be your electricity supplier, you still remain a customer of your current utility company.  We supply the electricity, they deliver it to your home or business.

    You continue to receive ONE bill from your current utility, the only difference is “ENH Power” will show up on the supply portion of your bill.  You will still pay your current utility as you always have, and they will forward the supply portion to ENH Power.

    You may have noticed that there are two charges on your electric bill.  One is for “Delivery Service” and the other is for “Electricity Supply”.  These two charges make up the total due.  Your current utility is responsible for the “Delivery Service”.  This covers the cost of maintaining the power lines and meters, responding to outages, and overseeing your account.  The “Electricity Supply” is the cost of the actual electricity flowing into your home.

    ENH Power prides itself on supporting other New Hampshire businesses, giving to New Hampshire charities, and putting millions of dollars back into New Hampshire’s economy.  We do this by saving New Hampshire residents money each month on their power bill and giving back through our charitable program The Power to Help.

    Electricity generators such as wind, hydro, and biomass plants provide electricity to the New England Power Pool (NEPOOL), which is where ENH Power purchases it to supply your home.  For more details on where your power comes from you may visit http://www.nepoolgis.com.

    We can help you determine this.  Please contact us at 1-800-549-6160 for more information.

    Yes.  In order to complete an online enrollment, an email is required.  If you do not have an email address please call us at 1-800-549-6160 to complete your enrollment.  We use email as our primary means of communication with our customers.  Once enrolled, you will receive an email confirmation or notification by mail if you do not have an email address.  You will also receive notifications regarding any changes to our Terms & Conditions as required by the NHPUC.  We will never give out or sell your email address!

    We would love to have you as an ENH Power customer, but it would be in your best interest to stay with your plan.  Even though our savings are considerable, the savings you already receive outweigh the benefit you would get by enrolling with us.

    Yes, you do need to accept our Terms & Conditions. If you are enrolling online you will be asked to check a box that states you agree to these terms. If you are enrolling by telephone the customer service representative will answer any questions you may have before you enroll and agree to our terms. We recommend that all customers who wish to enroll with ENH Power read our Terms & Conditions prior to enrolling.

    ENH Power will send out a notification to customers 30-60 days in advance of any rate changes.  This information will also be posted on our website per the Terms & Conditions.

    An aggregator collects accounts and places them with a supplier for a fee. ENH Power is a direct supplier which means we purchase electricity directly from the New England Power Pool and supply our customers directly with no middle man and no added fee.

    Once you enroll, your service will typically begin with us within two utility billing cycles, however, this may vary depending on utility enrollment requirements, your specific meter reading schedule, market conditions, and time-of-year pricing.  The good news is because you pay for your power after it has been used, you will be experiencing our lower rate even before you see our name on your bill.

    It is a new tariff that ISO-New England (your electricity grid operator) charges competitive and utility electricity suppliers during the winter to ensure that our grid has enough power during peak demand times when the grid must seek alternative generation sources for electricity besides natural gas. While other retailers may pass this charge through to their customers, it is always included in our electricity supply rates.

    Supporting competition and cleaner energy is important to my family. ENH Power’s “green” options are great for New Hampshire.

    — Heath, Epping NH —

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