Saving Energy as the Temperature Drops and Natural Gas Prices Rise

All of the forecasts are predicting that this winter will be relatively easy in some parts of the northeast and potentially rougher in others. The Farmer’s Almanac, NOAA and AccuWeather are all forecasting a cold winter that’s similar to last year. Once again La Nina is going to bring precipitation and the possibility of winter storms that should be less severe than last year’s Winter Storm Uri. 

The start of December was more mild than normal, but meteorologists believe that’s the last of the winter reprieve. And natural gas prices are expected to increase regardless of whether the winter is warmer overall simply because it will get colder. As the temperature drops, the demand for natural gas goes up along with the prices. Believe it or not, the price of natural gas impacts the price of electricity in general. Today, much of our electric supply is generated using natural gas. 

Don’t worry, Provider Power is here to help you get through the winter comfortably while keeping energy costs in check. In addition to offering fixed-rate energy plans that aren’t subject to price swings, we’ve gathered together some of our best tips in one master energy saving list. Bookmark it so you can use it as a go-to resource all winter long!

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Check back often because we add energy saving resources to the Provider Power blog regularly. Every season you’ll find new ways to save! You can also contact the customer care team to learn more about fixed rate energy plans in New England that could be better suited for your lifestyle at home. 

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