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Supply Companies Offering Variable Rates Again Called Into Question

A Connecticut-based law firm, Izard Nobel LLP, has filed legal cases against the multiple electricity supply companies. The law firm takes issue with how North American Power & Gas, Direct Energy Services, Viridian Energy and Discount Power market their variable rate products. According to the Middletown Press Newspaper, the firm is accusing the supply companies of “engaging…

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Friends & Family Selling Electricity? Be weary of variable rate plans.

Deregulation and energy choice has saved New England consumers a substantial amount of money. Choice has brought competition, which has meant more options and savings because companies need to compete for the consumer’s dollar. Unfortunately, there are always companies that taint the otherwise good image of an industry by operating with their own best interests…

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Business Practices of supply companies using variable rate plans called into question

A Chicago Illinois utility watchdog group, the Citizen’s Utility Board, received considerable media coverage for their analysis of business practices of some electricity supply companies. Highlights of the report include: 150% increase in customer complaints Many complaints related to customers signing up for low introductory rates that are switched to a variable rate plans without…

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Received mail touting low introductory rates? Watch for a switch to variable rates.

Recently, many Mainers have received multiple mailings from new Competitive Electricity Suppliers in Maine.  These mailers tout low, fixed introductory rates, usually for 6 months. What these mailer don’t highlight is that these rates become variable after the introductory  period. Under variable rate plans, consumers in other states have seen their power bill go up…

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Fixed Rates: A Better Option (than Variable Rates) for Consumers

Over the last several years, many states have taken the proactive steps to deregulate, or open up, electricity supply to Competitive Electricity Suppliers like Provider Power. This deregulation has divided the utility company monopolies by separating the supply of energy from its distribution, creating the opportunity for a competitive marketplace with more options and lower…

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