Give Yourself Energy Price Stability This Spring

Many consumers are understandably concerned about energy prices in the winter and summer when extreme weather can increase demand and make prices spike. However, spring is another season when various factors can cause price volatility and unpredictability. Unlike winter and summer, it’s really uncertain as to whether prices will go up or down during the spring. 

There are three things in particular that make spring less than predictable for energy consumers. 

What Makes Spring Energy Prices Less Predictable

Tornadoes are more likely to occur in the spring than any other time of the year, and that could certainly disrupt the power supply and even natural gas production. But there are three things that are more likely to have a large-scale impact on energy use from April to June in the northeast. 

Lingering Cold

In some areas of the country, temperatures may linger just above freezing or there could be a last minute cold snap at the start of spring. When that happens it can keep demand for energy higher than normal, which could have an impact on pricing. In the northeast this could definitely be the case since it’s cold enough for snow to still be falling in April. 

Early Heat Waves

The opposite could also be true, and you may work up a sweat during your spring cleaning. In some parts it may feel like you go straight from winter to summer and skip a milder spring season all together. If an early heat wave hits there will be little downtime for the HVAC system. That’s why it’s best to line up an air conditioner tech to come by in the early spring for an AC tuneup that could increase energy efficiency. 

Rainy Days That Keep People Indoors

The spring can bring rain. Not just a few spring showers, but a lot of rain that keeps people inside all day. Being cooped up inside means that more energy is being used. 

For example, in April there’s almost a 50/50 chance it will rain any day in New Hampshire. The good news is most of the time it’s a light shower that will keep you inside for a short time. 

What You Can Do to Make Spring Energy Prices More Predictable

In spring you never know what will happen with the weather that could potentially affect rates. But with Provider Power that’s not something you have to worry about. You can relax and enjoy spring with an energy plan that’s set for the season.

Provider Power works to help customers optimize energy use in every way through all of the seasons. Fixed rates, excellent customer care and special promotions help consumers make the most of essential energy services. 

This spring you can give yourself pricing stability with the Safeguard Plan! The plan gives you a predictable rate that won’t change all season. Find out if the Safeguard Plan is offered in your area. 

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