5 Tips to Stay cool & keep energy costs down even on the hottest days.

On the off chance you missed it, Summer officially began on Saturday, June 21 at 6:51 am (EDT).  The Old Farmer’s Almanac is a great source of fun weather related information…but not a great source for tips on how to conserve energy and keep costs down while keeping cool.

If you haven’t already gone rummaging through the attic or garage for the air conditioner and fans, consider some alternative means for keeping your home cool this summer.   Air-conditioners use a lot of power-most are not terribly efficient-looking to keep the A.C. stored away?  There are options for you!

  • Attic Ventilation-attics can easily overheat in direct sunlight.  Don’t be afraid to let the warm (hot) air out
  • Don’t use the stove or oven- Do you need to ask why?  Break out the BBQ or eat fruit on warm days
  • Clean out Central Air Condition duct work-if need be, hire a professional.  Clean duct work will save you money and provide healthier air.
  • Replace filters on your window A.C. units-after a couple years you may want to consider replacing filters
  • Change your shades/blinds-Use light colored blinds or curtains.   When it is warmer, keep them lowered.  At night raise ’em up, let the air flow.


Something to think about for the long term… consider planting a tree.  Not only will a grown tree help keep energy costs down, they provide great shade, they are great for the environment (also good for climbing, ropes swings and of course great place to hang a hammock)!

Posted on June 16, 2014 in Electricity Maine, ENH Power, Provider Power Mass

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