Electricity Maine Owners Meet with Maine’s U.S. Senate Delegation

Washington D.C.-  While in Washington D.C., Emile Clavet and Kevin Dean, co-owners of Electricity Maine met with Maine’s U.S. Senate delegation.  Discussion topics included energy deregulation, mitigating the factors that drive up the cost of energy and the role Competitive Electricity Supply companies will play in the U.S. energy marketplace.   Senator King also congratulated Provider Power, the parent company of Electricity Maine for being recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the nations fastest growing companies.

“As evidenced by their growth over the last two and half years, Provider Power has proven to be an asset to the residents and small businesses in Maine and New Hampshire.

When Electricity Maine entered the market in Maine in 2011, they took great care to educate all of us about the benefits of a competitive electricity market.  Provider Power’s work in both Maine and New Hampshire has resulted in increased competition and choices for consumers.  The result has been lower electricity rates and savings for consumers.

Beyond bringing competition to the market, Provider Power’s commitment to purchasing goods and services from other Maine and New Hampshire businesses, hiring locally, and supporting non-profits and community groups has had a positive trickle-down effect on the economy that goes beyond just providing electricity.”
Provider Power is the parent company of Electricity Maine, and ENH Power, which are competitive Energy suppliers licensed by their respective Public Utilities Commissions to sell electricity to residential and small business customers.

pictured left to right:  Kevin Dean- co-owner Provider Power, Cookie Dean, Senator Angus King, Senator Susan Collins, Emilie Clavet/co-owner Provider Power, Jane Clavet.)

Posted on October 4, 2013 in Electricity Maine

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