Creating Positive Impact

1522000_638044036293561_6247924258068302414_nWhile providing competitive electricity supply rates is our business, it is also the vehicle that allows us to support community, which we consider an integral part of our existence. We understand that healthy communities are built through a strong interconnectedness between business and community organizations, and that we have a responsibility to the communities we serve.

We demonstrate this responsibility through our Power to Help Fund, partnering with 501c (3) non-profits and local groups that have a positive impact in their communities. This support includes financial contributions, and in some cases,  lending technical and business expertise, providing employee volunteers, and creating publicity for their work.

Provider Power seeks to do well by ensuring that everyone wins…

  • Providing residents with the electricity they need at competitive rates
  • Creating a profitable business that helps the economy by employing and purchasing goods and services from local communities
  • Supporting local organizations that provide important community services
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