Power with a Purpose - The Power to HelpWe are One Community.

With just 1.3 million people, Maine is one big small town. As a result, Mainer’s understand that the health and well-being of our residents, businesses, and communities are interconnected. We need to support each other and work together.

Power with a Purpose…the Power to Help

As a Maine company, Electricity Maine shares in the responsibility to build community. That’s why we created the Power to Help Fund. Our Power to Help Fund helps local organizations do what they do best…help people.

How it Works

Our Power to Help Fund is divided into two programs: Core Partners and Community Partners. We provide the tools and support each group needs to help them maximize their fundraising potential. If you are connected with a non-profit and would like to learn how your organization can become one of our non-profit partners, visit the Contact Us page of our website and contact the Community Outreach Coordinator for your area.

Core Partners

Core Partners are non-profit organizations that work to help residents obtain the skills and resources they need to create better lives for themselves and their families. This means making sure people can:

  • Read, the most basic skill to navigating daily life
  • Make healthy food choices and know how to be more active for better health
  • Have a safe home, free from fear
  • Access education to build skills that create better job opportunities

Based on considerable research, we select up to 12 Maine non-profits as Core Partners. These are long-term relationships that we support through specific rate plans in which we donate a percentage of new customer’s electricity supply each year to help prevent hunger and homelessness and support education and healthy living.

  • Education

    Maine has some of the lowest education attainment levels in the country. Having a more educated, skilled workforce will attract more employers to Maine with higher paying jobs. We need to make sure our residents can read, comprehend, problem solve, and have the marketable skills they need to attract and compete for better jobs. Electricity Maine is proud to support non-profits that work to provide multiple pathways to education.

    • Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy
    • Camp Susan Curtis
  • Health

    Maine's obesity rates are among the highest in the nation. This results in a poorer quality of life for our residents and a higher cost of healthcare for everyone. Changing our habits so that more people are purchasing and cooking nutritious food, and being more physically active, will make a difference for future generations of Mainers. Electricity Maine is proud to support non-profits that work to educate our citizens about healthier lifestyles.

    • St. Mary's Nutrition Center
  • Homelessness

    Housing is a basic right and is essential for the healthy growth and development of children. Maine ranks 9th in the nation in child homelessness, with more than 2,100 children experiencing homelessness each year. This number may be far greater however, as the number of couch surfers is hard to count. Electricity Maine is proud to support four partners working with families and youth to end homelessness.

    • New Beginnings
    • Preble Street Teen Services
    • Tedford Housing
  • Hunger

    When you're hungry, it's hard to think about anything but food. In Maine, nearly 200,000 Mainer's, roughly 15% of the population, are food insecure, meaning they lack access to enough nutritious food to live a healthy life. 1 in every 4 of our children does not have enough to eat. Electricity Maine is proud to support non-profits that work to end hunger.

    • Good Shepherd Food-Bank

Community Partners

Community Partners are any local group that needs to raise money for a cause:

  • School sports teams that need new equipment
  • Fire departments that need new trucks
  • Church building committees that need money for repairs
  • Animal welfare agencies that need more food for the animals they care for…and so many more

Like Core Partners, Community Partners are supported through electricity supply.  However, their funding is directly related to the number of new customers Electricity Maine receives that reference their group. Community Partners are given $5 for each new customer they help to create.