We Help Maine through Electricity.

Headquartered in Auburn, Maine, Electricity Maine is a Competitive Electricity Supplier licensed by the Maine Public Utilities Commission to sell electricity supply directly to homes and small businesses served by CMP and Emera Maine (formerly Bangor Hydro) utilities. As part of the  Provider Power family of companies, Electricity Maine purchases its electricity supply through the New England Power Pool (NEPOOL).

Through our sophisticated buying capabilities, shopping the market and purchasing electricity on an hourly basis, we are able to take advantage of dips in the energy market to provide the best possible electricity rates at fixed rates over a contracted period of time.

Bringing Savings to Maine

Before Electricity Maine began in 2011, there were no Competitive Electricity Suppliers operating in Maine to give residents and small businesses a choice for their electricity supply, which meant they had to accept Standard Offer rates through their utility.

Since our opening, Electricity Maine is proud to have saved Mainers over $10 Million dollars in electricity costs.  Our success has also brought more competitive suppliers to the state, giving residents even more choices and rate plans to meet their family’s and small businesses electricity needs.

Making a Difference at Home

While providing competitive electricity supply rates is our business, it is also the vehicle that allows us to support community, which we consider an integral part of our existence. We understand that healthy communities are built through a strong interconnectedness between business and community organizations, and that we have a responsibility to the communities we serve.

We demonstrate this responsibility through our Power to Help Fund, partnering with local groups and  501c (3) non-profits that make a difference in Maine.  This support includes financial contributions, and in some cases, lending technical and business expertise, providing employee volunteers, and creating publicity for the organizations’ work.

Electricity Maine is proud to be a Maine company that…

  • SAVED Mainers over $10 million dollars on electricity supply
  • BROUGHT COMPETITION to Maine, creating more electricity supply options for Mainers
  • CREATES JOBS with good wages and benefits
  • SUPPORTS THE ECONOMY by purchasing supplies and services from local companies
  • DONATES THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to Maine non-profits that make a difference

Mainers Helping Mainers…We’re in this together!

Our Leadership